Glynis Albright

Chef/Culinary Personality/Restaurateur/Cookbook Author

Glynis Albright, CEO of Glynis’ Kitchen, is a New Orleans, Louisiana, native who loved food and cooking since she was a child. In college, she made waffles, pancakes, crêpes, and French toast for her friends. After college, waffles became a budget-friendly staple. Now, her kitchen is a destination for foodies who want to taste fried chicken, waffles, and many other foods made by the “Waffle Queen.” After being diagnosed with a rare blood disease, she earned a doctorate degree in natural health/food science and created Just Sweet Enough and Cookie Dots, gourmet treats for people living with her condition and other ailments.

You can find Glynis Albright during the Palm Desert Food & Wine Festival 2023 at:
Celebrity Chef Reception
Saturday Grand Tastings
Sunday Brunch with Bubbles & Spritz