David Shalleck

The cuisines of the Mediterranean are the primary inspiration for chef, author, and culinary producer David Shalleck. As a veteran member of the chef-instructor team at Oceania Cruises The Culinary Center he has taught hands-on classes and led Culinary Discovery Tours™ throughout the region. Earlier in his career, while doing internships in some of Italy’s most famous restaurants he was the summer season chef for a prominent Italian family on board their private yacht. This rare opportunity became the setting for his acclaimed culinary travel memoir, Mediterranean Summer. David has been the chef-de-cuisine in numerous respectable, Michelin-starred fine-dining establishments and has logged over 250 cooking shows as the culinary producer for well-known chefs such as Jacques Pépin and José Andrés. Adding recipe and food product development to his vast portfolio of experience, David’s career in the culinary business has spanned decades. You can learn more about David at his websites www.volochef.com and www.mediterraneansummer.com.