JC Marquez

Chef JC Marquez has always loved the culinary arts, a talent he inherited from his mother. After receiving his bachelor’s from Jalisco Mexico, Marquez came to the US.

When the Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim opened in 1993, Chef JC was hired as a cook. He was then promoted to Sous chef in 1995, and in 1997 transferred to the Los Angeles Convention Center as Sous Chef where he continued to hone his culinary skills. In 2002, he joined Angel Stadium as the Stadium Executive Sous Chef, where he created an extensive variety of dishes and menus for his clients. In 2007 he became the executive Chef of the tramway in Palm Springs and continues working in the Coachella Valley area. For the last few years, Chef JC has been working with Melissa’s Produce.

Chef JC believes his inspiration to create comes from his three children Kristina, Steven, and Leonardo, and of course from his native Mexico.